Latest news about the activities of the Raise Your Voice Collective.

Richard Scott makes a Raise Your Voice orchestra

Composer Richard Scott, who we worked with on his Onomatopoeia for our February concert last year, has mashed-up the recordings of Raise Your Voice musicians he made for that piece to create an ‘orchestral’ electroacoustic composition. Combining samples made in rehearsal of Raise Your Voice’s string and wind players with samples of double bass, trombone and percussion from musicians in Berlin, the new piece turns the chamber sound of the original into that of a screeching, full-on electronic orchestra. Click play to hear it:

Raise Your Voice featured in Sound and Music Artists’ Toolkit

Sound and Music LogoWe are pleased to have been featured in Sound and Music’s new Artists’ Toolkit, a comprehensive toolkit to help artists, composers and musicians build their careers. Our contribution is to the section about promoting your own events and we talk about how we’ve gone about realising our goals so far:

Through Raise Your Voice we hope to be able to provide a platform for music that might otherwise go unheard and introduce it to audiences that might not come into contact with it. To this end, our nights take place in venues where the strictures of classical performance are broken down.

Check out the whole thing here.

Raise Your Voice @ FutureEverything

Raise Your Voice at Centro BarOur second night at Centro Bar took place on Friday 14 May as part of the FutureEverything Festival Showcase. Thanks to everyone who came down and made the evening such a success. Sorry to those of you who had to stand on the stairs, but it was fantastic to have such a great audience again! We discovered that Centro gets pretty noisy upstairs on a Friday night, but for the most part the music prevailed.

For those of you who couldn’t make it or would like to hear the music again, most of the pieces from the night are now available online to stream and download:

  1. I Don’t Know What To Do With My Life – Luke-Matthew Iveson
  2. Avian RiotsTom Coult
  3. PassacaglieMartin Suckling
  4. Dubsteps – John Davies
  5. Richter VS DragonSteve Pycroft

The download comes with PDFs of the event flyer and the programme with information about all the Raise Your Voice composers and players, as well as track-specific art.

Simon Bray kindly came down and took some photos, some of which you can see here. Check out Simon’s Flickr Photostream for more of his photography. Look how many people there were!

Raise Your Voice Ensemble Performing John Davies's Dubsteps at Centro Bar (Photos by Simon Bray)

Raise Your Voice Ensemble performing John Davies's Dubsteps at Centro Bar (Photo by Simon Bray)

Performing Martin Suckling's Passacaglie at Centro Bar (Photo by Simon Bray)Raise Your Voice @ FutureEverything at Centro Bar

Raise Your Voice Ensemble performing Tom Coult's Avian Riots at Centro Bar (Photo by Simon Bray)

Steve Pycroft and Al Sonar during Steve's Richter VS Dragon (Photo by Simon Bray)

The next Raise Your Voice performance will probably be in September 2010. Keep your eyes peeled and in the meantime, have a listen to our live recordings. Take care!