Who were we?

We are a group of young com­posers and per­formers based in Manchester, UK, drawing on our varied back­grounds as clas­sical per­formers, ex­per­i­mental im­pro­visers, sound artists, DJs and pop mu­si­cians to pro­mote new and ex­citing music made in Manchester for Manchester. Raise Your Voice Col­lective was founded by Rob Guy, Steve Pycroft and Chris Swith­in­bank and have performed music by Hannah Ashman, Tom Coult, Emily Crossland, John Davies, Luke-Matthew Iveson, Francesca Le Lohe, Mauricio Pauly, José Guillermo Puello, Camden Reeves, Sam Salem, Richard Scott and Martin Suckling among others, including several world premieres. Our musicians have included Jenny Dyson, Jon Guy, Rob Guy, Christopher Jones, Michael Jones, Anna Menzies and Steve Pycroft. The collective have twice been awarded the FutureEverything Showcase Award (2010 & 2011) and featured in Sound and Music’s Artists’ Toolkit.